Labadie Power Plant

View of the Labadie Power Plant from Augusta Bottoms

Ameren Missouri has posted the laboratory results of the groundwater tests it performed near its Labadie power plant on its website.

Ameren argued in a motion it filed recently in a lawsuit over a proposed landfill adjacent to its Labadie facility that the test results confirm that the groundwater near its plant comply with state and federal regulatory requirements.

Ameren is requesting permission from the court to test the groundwater of the property owners who filed the lawsuit last November against the county to overturn a land use code amendment that would allow Ameren to construct a coal ash landfill on 400 acres adjacent to its power plant.

The motion alleges that the plaintiffs in the case, which include the Labadie Environmental Organization, Inc., (LEO), have made the quality of the groundwater an issue in the case without offering any evidence of contamination.

According to a statement on Ameren’s website, the utility installed three monitoring wells near its Labadie facility to verify groundwater conditions in March 2012.

The locations were selected based upon proximity to local residents in order to gauge the groundwater quality of those residents’ wells. Samples were analyzed by an independent laboratory which compared them to Missouri groundwater and federal drinking water requirements.

The sampling results indicate that the groundwater fully complies with federal and state requirements and does not pose a threat to well users in the area, according to the statement.

The complete lab results can also be viewed by clicking on the PDF in this story.