For the first time in 2012, new home construction in Franklin County is lagging behind last year.

New homes built in the county must obtain a building permit from the county building department.

The number of permits issued and the estimated construction costs associated with each is tracked by the department.

In June, the county issued seven permits for new single-family dwellings, down from 12 issued in June 2011.

The average construction cost increased from last year. The seven homes permitted in June averaged $253,142.86, up from the $203,629.17 for the homes permitted last year.

From January through May of this year, the average was $184,117.95.

With the first half of the year in the books, the average cost reported to the county for new single-family homes built was $194,621.74.

On the year the county has issued 46 permits for single-family homes versus 49 through the first half of 2011.

Other permits issued by the county in June and the estimated construction cost estimates were:

Other nonhousekeeping shelters, one permit, $4,000;

Churches and other religious structures, one permit, $265,000;

Public works and utilities, two permits, $26,000;

Other nonresidential buildings, six permits, $442,000;

Structures other than buildings, three permits, $199,000;

Residential additions and modifications, six permits, $121,000;

Nonresidential additions and modifications, two permits, $7,000; and

Residential garages and carport additions, two permits, $31,000.

The county also issued six permits for manufactured homes, 19 electric permits and three sewer permits last month.

Those permits do not have associated cost estimates.