What can 37 Franklin County youth and a handful of staff do in 20 hours?

At Camp Catalyst Social Entrepreneurship Camp hosted by Preferred Family Healthcare and funded by the Franklin County Children and Families Community Resource Board, this combination of time and talent led to the development of six social enterprise concepts that will be showcased at a business expo Wednesday, Aug. 15, from 5 to 7 p.m. in the annex of St. Francis Borgia Church, 310 W. Main St., in downtown Washington.

The youth were given seed money and 20 hours of assistance by local business owners to originate and develop a social enterprise, or a business with a cause.

Social entrepreneurs are individuals who have noticed a need in their community and have come up with a way to address this need using business principles and development.

Given the guidance of targeted tasks and information from local small business owners, small groups of camp participants collaborated to identify a targeted cause, products and services to be produced by their business, and a simple business plan. Working within an dedicated budget, they were given the opportunity to design and produce a sampling of both products and marketing materials that will be on display in their individually designed booth at the business expo.

The youth’s businesses focus on causes ranging from support for military veterans and drug education for youth to raising awareness and funds for animals in need.

At the Aug. 15 expo, local established businesses will also have the opportunity to showcase.