The buildings that formerly housed Quality Reward Travel at Main and Jefferson streets in Downtown Washington will soon be occupied again.

Silverback Network Inc., a lead verification service company which works primarily in the education sector, will soon be setting up shop.

Currently located in an office building at 14th and Jefferson Streets, Silverback will be moving into the buildings in phases beginning in the next two to three weeks, according to Alecia Turner, senior manager of sales.

Turner said a shareholder of Silverback Network purchased the two adjoining buildings from Rich and Donna Speckhals, who operated the travel company before selling the business to Maritz in Fenton.

The property includes a single-level building that fronts Jefferson Street and a three-story addition that faces Main Street, as well as a warehouse and parking lot across Main Street.

Turner said initially about 20 employees will be working at the downtown site.

“As we continue to grow, we will occupy more of the buildings,” she added. “We will operate out of both locations through the rest of the year.”

Silverback employs about 115 workers at the 14th and Jefferson location now, but Turner hopes to increase that number in the years ahead.

“In the last two years we’ve gone from three employees to 115, so we’ve seen a lot of growth and we hope that continues,” she said. “We’re excited about moving downtown and providing jobs in the area.

“It’s been great working with the Chamber and Downtown Washington Inc. We think downtown will be good for our employees and good for the shops and businesses downtown,” she added.

Turner said Silverback provides lead verification and recommendations for people interested in going back to college.

“Potential students provide information and we contact them and verify that info and provide recommendations based on their field of interest at no cost to them,” she said. “We also submit that information to the colleges who follow up with those individuals.”