At a special meeting Tuesday morning, the Washington School Board awarded a bid for intercom replacement at Washington High School.

The low bid of $371,637, submitted by Eckelkamp Electric Company, Washington, was approved. Eckelkamp Electric was the low bidder.

The only other bidder was Eagan Building Group, Washington, with a bid of $503,302.

A total of five contractors requested bid documents, but only two were received.

Hoener Associates, the district’s architect, reviewed the bids with school district administration.

Superintendent Dr. Lori VanLeer said the bid was approved contingent on district satisfaction with equipment related to the intercom system.

“We want to do some more research on the equipment and some additional negotiations,” VanLeer told The Missourian.

VanLeer said Eckelkamp Electric is currently working in the high school on HVAC improvements. She said crews will begin the wiring work for the intercom replacement immediately.

The new intercom system will allow for voice-over IP and will connect classrooms not only to the high school office, but district offices, emergency personnel and others.

VanLeer said the intercom will be a phone-style handset. The handsets will be placed in the classrooms at the high school serving large groups of students.