The Franklin County Commission Tuesday announced it is seeking bids for a remote radio tower generator.

The generator will be used for an antenna for the county’s emergency 911 communications and the county’s highway department.

Presiding Commissioner John Griesheimer said the new equipment will especially help the highway department, which currently experiences some lapses in radio coverage in the western portion of the county.

County personnel have been working on improving emergency radio communications in the county for several years.

The improvements have included analysis of existing tower sites for fire and ambulance districts and the county sheriff’s department and others.

The county also has been looking at existing and new leases for tower sites to cut costs.

The antenna which the county is seeking to buy a generator for is located in Krakow, according to the county’s request for bids.

The county negotiated tower lease terms with Radio Comm. The county will need to provide a generator for the tower.

The county is seeking bids for a 20-kilowatt propane generator.

The county’s interim 911 director, Vince Zagarri, said previously a portable generator is preferable so that if the county later decides to cease using the Krakow site on Borgmann Road, it can utilize the generator elsewhere.

Bids for the generator will be accepted until Nov. 12.