Waterlase Dentistry

No Shots, No Drill, No Pain, No Kidding

No numb lips or tongue, and No heat or vibration usually associated with the dentist drill.

Dr. Paz provides a comfortable dental experience with the Waterlase laser.  For over 80% of patients it is a dream come true.  Every patient who was ever traumatized by memories of a dental experience when they were a kid, now can have a good experience in the dental office.  Your children may never need to know what a shot feels like or what a dental drill feel like.  You may never again need to feel that awful numbness of your lips, face, and tongue.  No more dental phobia!

The Waterlase laser uses water and laser energy to treat your cavities.  It never touches your tooth! The analgesia effect of the laser numbs your tooth from the inside with NO Shots. The dental experience may even be more convenient. There’s no waiting to get numb. The Waterlase allows your dentist to get    started and get done quicker. Lasers have long been the standard of care in medicine for many procedures such as LASIK, wrinkle and hair removal and so much more.  Now you can benefit from the advanced technology of Laser Comfort Dentistry.