"You never get a second chance to make a first impression"
Here are a few simple tips and techniques that can positively affect your home's curb appeal and it's first impression to potential buyers.

Clean up and Repair
Basic maintenance and repairs to your home are necessary before tackling more projects.  Clean windows and siding, make sure your outdoor and indoor lights are working.  Stow away ward tools, toys and clean up dead branches and leaves.

Your yard, especially in the front should look neat and well maintained.  Plant some colorful flower plants to brighten up the entry way.

The Entrance
Make sure the front door is clean and freshly painted or stained.

Paint it New
Brighten up the exterior of your home with fresh paint. Choose neutral colors.  Touch up paint inside your home.  Make sure the trim and baseboards are fresh.

Kitchen and Baths

The kitchen and baths are the most closely scrutinized by buyers.  Make sure that all clutter is gone from the counter tops.  Make sure the faucets are clean and sparkling.  New towels in these areas are a great feature.  Keep these rooms neutral and add a touch of ten in the form of flowers or candles to add warmth.

Store away excess furniture.  Make you bedroom appear large.  Always have the floor picked up and the beds made for showings. Keeping the blinds open to let the daylight in.

If you have them, make sure they are secure for all showings. Put away their toys.  Try to make it appear that an animal does not line in the home.  Some potential buyers may have a real fear of animals. 

If your garage is spotless, buyers take note.  they have a perception that you really take care of your home.

Keep in mind that comments given to you by your agent, and by potential buyers are not meant to offend you, but to aid you in selling your home.

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