By Gregg Jones

Union Missourian Editor

The Main Street construction project contractor expects to wrap up much of the street work by late April next year.

That is according to a job schedule presented by Magruder Paving to city officials last week.

City Engineer Jonathan Zimmermann said much of the work to be completed is funded federally through a downtown “enhancement” project that will be conducted during the Main Street project, including “bumpouts” to be installed at intersections between Washington Avenue and Linden.

“The STP (Surface Transportation Program) is more or less complete,” he said. “What is remaining is strictly enhancements.”

Following is a tentative time line for the project:

• Dec. 14-31 — Curbs, driveways and sidewalks from Washington Avenue to Jefferson Avenue;

• Jan. 7-16 — Curbs, driveways and sidewalks from Jefferson Avenue to Mulberry Street;

• Jan. 16 through Feb. 6 — Curbs, driveways and sidewalks from Mulberry Street to Oak Street;

• Feb. 6 through March 6 — Curbs, driveways and sidewalks from Oak Street to Church Street;

• March 6-31 — Curbs, driveways and sidewalks from Church Street to Linden Street;

• April 1-17 — Curbs, driveways and sidewalks from Linden Street to east of McKinley Avenue;

• April 17-23 — Cold mill and asphalt paving, and striping.

The deadline to complete the project is Dec. 15, according to city officials, however from that date through March 15, the city cannot assess damages for incomplete work.

There had been discussion about not allowing any work to be done during that time period, but officials agreed to allow crews to work if the weather permits it.

Liquidated damages can be assessed for work that is not complete by March 15.

The scope of the Main Street project includes a 2-inch asphalt overlay, concrete base repairs, new sidewalks and signs.

Included in the project is a roundabout at the intersection of Main Street and Independence Drive that has already been completed.

According to Zimmermann, the overall project has been estimated to cost $2.2 million.

The project was estimated to cost $1.8 million, but the low bidder for the project was Magruder Paving which submitted a $2,247,000 bid.

However, Zimmermann noted Monday that the project is just $2,000 over budget.

He said that is due to the type of project, that financially it is “going very well.”