The Washington Fire Department will soon have five new thermal imagers.

The city council unanimously approved a contract with Leo M. Ellebracht Company to purchase the new units.

Leo M. Ellebracht Company was the lone bidder for the project. The city will pay $47,793, well under the $60,000 budgeted for the five imagers.

The fire department will be receiving five ISG X380 thermal imagers with two spare lithium batteries. Each imager will cost $9,495. The budget for each imager was $12,000.

The city will actually be purchasing six imagers, but one will go to the Washington Rural Fire Association. Fire Chief Bill Halmich said the department got a discount for ordering in bulk and the rural fire association will be paying the city back.

Along with the discount, Halmich said it’s advantageous for all Washington firefighters to use the same equipment.

“What this does, it allows us to take the thermal technology and put them on board all the primary responding assets, included the rural asset,” Halmich said. “It standardizes the training for all personnel.”

Halmich said the city saved $5,000 by retiring two 2006 imagers. One was traded in for $2,000.

The other unit was sold above the trade-in value. The New Haven-Berger Fire Protection District agreed to buy an older unit from Washington for $3,000.

“We often get calls from New Haven to assist with thermal imaging if their one camera is down,” Halmich said. “This gives them a backup.”

The New Haven-Berger Fire Protection District will get one 2006 ISG K-1000 Elite thermal imaging camera, three batteries, one vehicle charger and one desktop charger.