Darren Lamb

Washington city officials are exploring web streaming of city council meetings.

Darren Lamb, city administrator, said he has been in talks with a firm that is evaluating city equipment to potentially offer web streaming. He added that the service could be “relatively” inexpensive.

He explained that meetings sometimes are televised through Charter, but the TV streaming does not always work.

Lamb added the meetings can be streamed online and later put on a website, like YouTube, for future viewing.

He said the city may have to replace some cameras for better image quality.

“It would be easier for more people to have access to the meetings,” said Councilwoman Susan Watermann.

Councilman Jeff Mohesky questioned online streaming of meetings because the meetings would be online for an indefinite amount of time.

He then questioned if the written record or the video record would be official.

City Councilor Mark Piontek said the official record of what happened would not be YouTube videos. He noted it is common practice for many cities stream meetings online.

Minutes of council meetings are available online at www.ci.washington.mo.us.

Watermann asked if the city could explore video conferencing while looking into web streaming,

Lamb said the city has that capability now and there were interviewed for the community and economic development director conducted over Skype.

According to Piontek, only council members who are physically at a meeting can vote, unless there is an emergency situation.

“You can do that but whoever is participating via teleconference can’t vote,” he said.