The Washington School District is going wireless — initially at the high school and middle school and later at the elementary schools.

At its May 29 meeting, the school board approved the low bid from ISG for a wireless network at Washington High School and Washington Middle School.

Dale Loesing, the district’s network administrator, recommended the bid of $144,490.20 which will give the two schools a total of 225 access points and the necessary configuration, design, user training and testing.

The technology department will be responsible for the installation of the access points over the summer. The bid requests included pricing in the event assistance is needed to complete the project in a timely manner.

The new network will be ready when school resumes in August, Loesing told The Missourian.

“Basically this will allow the staff and students to use anything wireless, iPads, laptops or any other device, once the network is installed,” he said.

A total of five bids were received. The others were: GovConnection, $148,853; TSI, $201,847.35; Core Networks, $177,008.25; and Provision Data Solutions, $227,579.76.

Loesing said the district is holding off on seeking bids for the elementary school because a new AC standard is coming out which may reduce the cost.

“We’ll probably do the elementary install a year from now,” Loeing said.

School officials said a wireless network will give the district a technological boosts, optimizing learning and collaboration and providing flexibility in using mobile classrooms.