Washington’s capital improvement sales tax committee is formally supporting the extension of the tax for another eight years.

At Tuesday’s meeting the committee unanimously agreed to recommend the city council place the tax renewal on the April municipal election ballot. The council is expected to vote on a resolution at the Dec. 4 meeting.

The committee made the formal vote to recommend the city pursue the extension after members agreed there were a number of projects worth funding.

The committee hasn’t narrowed down the list, but said there was enough presented already that were worth pursuing.

Proposed Projects

So far the committee has heard presentations on 24 potential projects.

The 24 projects have been from a variety of city departments and other organizations. The city’s parks department has yet to make a formal presentation.

The projects proposed so far carry an estimated cost of $12,585,200. The committee will vote to decide which projects to support if voters approve the extension of the sales tax.

The following projects have been proposed.

• Downtown Wi-Fi: $10,000;

• Electric car charging station: $20,000;

• Water works repairs: $50,000;

• Train depot repairs: $60,000;

• New Downtown light standards: $75,000;

• Bury utilities Downtown: $285,000;

• Downtown intersection repairs : $250,000;

• Library computer replacement: $10,000;

• Library security cameras: $1,200;

• Fairgrounds main stage roof: $400,000;

• Fairgrounds fencing: $100,000;

• Fairgrounds multipurpose building: $1,600,000;

• Ronsick Field upgrades: $370,000;

• New fire station: $2,100,000;

• New fire pumper truck: $525,000;

• Fire department equipment replacement: $250,000;

• Fire department technology upgrades: $125,000;

• New industrial park: $1,000,000;

• Airport upgrades: $500,000;

• Replacement weather alert sirens: $280,000;

• Police department radio upgrade: $824,000;

• City technology maintenance: $500,000;

• New water tower: $1,500,000;

• Sanitary sewer sliplining: $1,500,000; and

• Public works storage facility: $250,000.