The Washington Police Department is seeking highway grants for safety and traffic enforcement.

Chief Ed Menefee told the city council last week the grants total $19,760 and do not require a local match. The council voted 7-0 to authorize the grant application. 

The department is applying for hazardous moving, driving while intoxicated saturation and youth alcohol grants through the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT).

Following is a breakdown of the funding requested through the grants:

• Hazardous moving violation enforcement $7,000 for manpower;

• DWI enforcement $4,500 for manpower; and 

• Youth alcohol enforcement $5,000 for manpower.

The department also requested $3,260 for the purchase of a new Stalker DSR 2X radar unit to be installed in one of the new patrol vehicles. The cost of this equipment will also be 100 percent funded by highway safety funds.

Officer Mike Grissom prepared the grant applications.