Washington police are seeking permission to apply for more than $23,000 worth of grant funds.

Chief Ed Menefee asked the council Monday night to move forward with a request to apply for multiple highway safety grants. The grants are 100 percent funded, but police need the council to sign off on the application.

The council agreed to move the request to a future council meeting where it can be formally approved.

The police regularly apply for hazardous moving, DWI enforcement and youth alcohol grants. The grant funds cover manpower.

This year the police department is seeking $8,000 for hazardous moving enforcement, $5,000 for DWI enforcement and $6,000 for youth alcohol enforcement.

Menefee said his department also is seeking $4,645.45 for a crash mapping and data collection software. The money covers software and training.

Menefee said the crash software would assist with fatal and serious crashes and some crime scenes.

The application for the grants cites statistics provided by the Missouri Stale Highway Patrol that shows that Washington is ranked No. 41 in total crashes from 2014-16. The same stats show Washington is ranked No. 57 in speed-related crashes and No. 33 in young driver-involved crashes.

The goal is to improve those numbers.

The police are also seeking to cut down on DWI and youth alcohol incidents.