Jacqueline and Nathaniel Phillips were approved for a conditional use permit for a haunted hayride on the third try.

At Tuesday’s Franklin County Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, the board unanimously approved the CUP request to operate a special event, occasional, in the community development zoning district. The property is located at Wild Plum Valley Road and Highway N.

The vote came after two months of delays. The Phillipses first made the request for what they termed a haunted hayride in September. At that meeting, the board discovered an error in the application that prevented a vote.

During the board’s review process, it was noted that an area planned for parking was not included on the application. Because it was left off, it meant it wouldn’t be part of the CUP and couldn’t be used for any event the Phillipses hosted.

The Phillipses came back in October with the application corrected, but this time faced questions about the project. Neighbors were concerned about hours, alcohol, parking and security.

Because the event was planned for October and the month was almost done when the plan board met, the board voted to send the request to its review committee to address the concerns. The review committee met earlier in November and came up with a series of conditions for the project. It voted 2-0 in favor of awarding the CUP.

The hours of operation on the permit allow the haunted hayride to be open Friday and Saturday from noon to 11 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 9 p.m. during the month of October.

Another condition requires the site to have at least six bathrooms available when the event is open. Parking also is limited to the site and can’t be on any public or private roads.

The permit also requires two security personnel if no alcohol is present. If alcohol is around, the number rises to four.

There was no discussion or objections by the board to the proposed conditions at Tuesday’s meeting. Board members Tom Tobben and Bill McLaren recused themselves from voting on the request because of conflicts.