When Robert Rousch of Washington called his wife in a frenzy, he was surprised when she correctly guessed the purpose of the call.

“He was so excited when he called, I asked if he had won the Lottery,” said Robert’s wife, Jeri.

“Well, yes, I actually did,” said Robert, recalling the exchange. “I called to see if she was going home for lunch so she could look at the ticket.”

When the couple was able to convene, Jeri was startled by the sight of a $100,000 prize.

Robert said that every time he fills up on gas at West End Station, 1400 W. Fifth St. in Washington, he also buys one $5 Missouri Lottery Scratchers ticket. Such was the case when he purchased an “I LOVE LUCY™” Scratchers March 7.

“It was a bit of fate that I ended up with this ticket,” said Robert. “I left work a little early to run an errand. When I stopped for gas, the person in front of me in line was buying the same ticket.”

After seeing one of his numbers match for a $100,000 top prize, Robert said he could not find his glasses fast enough to take a closer look.

Possible plans for the prize include home upgrades and tuition costs for their child who plans to begin college this fall.

Rousch is the first player to claim a $100,000 prize on “I LOVE LUCY™,” which was introduced Feb. 25. Featuring four iconic scenes, “I LOVE LUCY” currently has more than $6.6 million in total prizes, including two other $100,000 top prizes.

Remaining prize amounts for all Missouri Lottery Scratchers tickets can be found at MOLottery.com and on the official Missouri Lottery app.