The Washington city limit sign on the eastern end of town will be on the move and could result in a lower speed limit in the area.

The city and the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) have recently been in conversation about moving the sign to better reflect the actual city limits. At Friday’s meeting, the Washington Traffic Commission backed moving the sign, but also the speed limit sign.

The result of the move would move the city limit sign about a half mile to the east of its current location and drop the speed limit in the area from 55 mph to 45 mph.

The sign currently sits on the westbound shoulder of Highway 100 near the Bank of Washington and the Fifth Street intersection. In addition to the city limit sign, the pole has a 45 mph speed sign and a sign celebrating the city’s sister city partnership with Marbach am Neckar.

The location does not actually mark where the city limits actually start for westbound drivers. Recent annexation along Highway 100 has pushed the actual city limits east about a half mile before the N-Sports Rec Center.

The commission agreed with moving the sign to the actual city limits, but debated what to do about the speed limit.

The options were to just move the city limit signs and leave the speed limits as they are. Or the city could move the speed limit sign as well and pass an ordinance lowering speed for a half-mile stretch.

The commission decided it would be easier to just move the whole setup and all three signs. As a result, the speed limit for the half-mile stretch would drop.

Washington Police Officer Mike Grissom said he was in favor of the reduced speed. He said the intersection at Fifth Street and Highway 100 has become one of the busiest for traffic crashes.

He said drivers, especially those on westbound 100, face a sudden drop when entering the city limits. By reducing the speed earlier, there may be fewer accidents, he said.

The commission called the speed reduction a “very proactive” move.

To reduce the speed limit, the city council would have to pass an ordinance. The speed reduction would apply to both the eastbound and westbound lanes of Highway 100.

MoDOT also would have to adjust the timing on the flashing sign that alerts drivers of a red light at the intersection.


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