The Washington City Council approved a contract with N.B. West Contracting Co. for the city’s asphalt overlay and concrete replacement program.

The focal point of the 2017 roadwork will take place on Cedar Street. Cedar will be widened from Fifth Street to Third Street. City Engineer John Nilges said widening Cedar Street has been identified as something the city would like to do for years.

N.B. West was the low bidder for the work, $553,789.50. The only other bidder was KJU Inc., $563,461.50.

Nilges said the N.B. West bid was under the city’s $554,082.58 estimate. He said the city budgets about $630,000 annually for street work.

In addition to the widening on Cedar Street, plans also call for new curb and gutter, a new storm sewer and storm sewer inlets. The widening and storm sewers should greatly improve the stormwater situation on the road, Nilges said.

St. Francis Borgia Grade School is located on Cedar Street. The work is estimated to be completed by Aug. 1.

“We want to make sure the project is done before school is back in session,” Nilges said.

Other projects are on a smaller scope. One aspect calls for an asphalt overlay of West Main Street to the team track.

Nilges said that area is slated for more improvement in spring of 2018 and this overlay is a portion not covered by that project.

He said crews will be improving the curb radius at Avantha Drive, removing and replacing concrete at Jacqueline Drive and redoing some concrete panels off Willows Court.

A single-lane asphalt patch will be done on Fifth Street just east of Highway 47.