United Way Door Drive

The Franklin County Area United Way campaign officially came to a close Tuesday, and final attainment numbers will be announced Nov. 14.

“We were still receiving totals from our partners until the end of the day Tuesday and some companies will even report Wednesday as they are wrapping things up,” said Whitney Livengood, board president and campaign co-chair.

As of Monday, the drive was at 73 percent of the $1,111,111 goal, with gifts and pledges totaling $811,573.

“We are optimistic that we will make the goal,” Kim Strubberg, United Way executive director, told The Missourian Monday afternoon.

“The updates received have been largely positive and we are very optimistic,” Livengood added.

Strubberg said what she hopes is a victory celebration for the campaign will be held Dec. 12. More details will be announced in the near future about the reception.

Last week, United Way officials reported the drive at just over 56 percent toward its goal.

“We’ve made up a lot of ground in that time, which is not unusual because so many companies were still wrapping up their in-house campaigns,” Strubberg said. “It’s always a waiting game until the final end and then we have to go over all of the reports.”

This year’s theme was Improving Lives Together — Will You Be the 1 to Help. The United Way was asking people to consider gifts in multiples of 1.

Strubberg said companies and donors took the theme to heart and really stepped up their giving.

Money raised will benefit 53 agencies and programs, which provide health and human services that strengthen families, nurture and protect children, assist the elderly and disabled, and provide emergency assistance.

Strubberg said over 65,000 people were touched by these agencies last year.

Livengood said it was amazing to see how many of United Way’s partners in the workplace were continuing to raise money right up to the very last day possible, in an effort to maximize their results and support for the Franklin County community.

“We are so very thankful for that kind of commitment year after year,” she said. “Each year, we strive to raise as much money as possible for those in our area who are in need. With one in three lives being touched by the Franklin County Area United Way, each dollar raised is so important to this community.

“We are doing our very best to ensure that our goal of $1,111,111 is met and hopefully exceeded,” she added.

The United Way drive is the single largest annual fundraiser in the county. It kicked off the first week of September and officially came to an end Oct. 31.