Bluff Road

The city is awaiting one final component before opening Bluff Road to motorists.

Washington’s Public Services Director John Nilges said the last piece before opening Bluff Road to traffic is a signal control, which must be installed in order for the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) traffic signals and controller at Highway 100 and Bluff Road to be operational.

“Typically a signal control has a longer lead time,” he said. “It is the critical item we are waiting on getting delivered and installed —that will be the final piece to the puzzle.

“The contract deadline is later in October,” he added. “There is no reason to believe it won’t be here.”

The entire Bluff Road project was slated to be completed in 90 days. Much of the work was done ahead of schedule.

“This was a very aggressive schedule and work was done as quick as possible,” Nilges commented.

Pavement has been poured for the entire stretch of Bluff Road, and pending weather, the striping will be done this week, he added.

There are other “punch list” items, including laying seed and straw for grass.

“The actual construction of roadway and installation of the box culvert went very well,” he said.

KJ Unnerstall Construction, Washington, is the contractor. According to Nilges, there have been some instances of vehicles on the closed section of Bluff Road between Westlink Drive and Highway 100. He warned motorists to stay off the closed roads and obey the traffic signs until the work is completed.

Scope of Work

The project includes a 4-inch asphalt overlay from Highway 100 to the north city limits, improving a grade condition by elevating the road north of the approach to Highway 100, and adding a right-turn lane from Bluff onto westbound Highway 100.

The work also adds safety improvements with 2-foot shoulders and guardrails along a portion of the road north of Highway 100, and relocation of MoDOT and an Ameren light pole.

In preparation of the 90-day project, crews installed a temporary signal at Vossbrink Drive and Highway 100.

The work also included a complete roadway reconstruction from ME Frick Road to Lange Drive

A box culvert under Bluff Road north of Highway 100 was replaced during the work.

Much of the work will be funded through a Surface Transportation Program (STP) grant.

When the city first sought a STP grant to fund the Bluff Road work the box culvert was not deemed as necessary. Since then, the city’s engineering department determined the culvert would need to be replaced during the project.

The STP grant will fund $591,449.96 of the project, and the city will receive $120,000 from MoDOT Small Urban Non-Attributable Federal Aid Funds that will expire in 2019 if they are not used.

The city also will utilize a Franklin County Transportation Grant of $50,000. The remaining $467,019 will come from the city’s coffers, including $227,450.90 from the city’s transportation sales tax and $223,772.14 from the stormwater fund. The majority of the culvert replacement will be funded through the city’s stormwater fund.