Safety concerns at the Cedar Street closure for St. Francis Borgia Grade School are on the agenda for the next Washington Traffic Commission meeting.

The commission meets Friday, Oct. 6, at 8 a.m at the public safety building. The group is expected to have a more formal discussion on the street closure and the safety concerns for the city.

The closure was broached informally at the group’s September meeting. Cedar Street was recently repaved from Fifth Street to Third Street. When discussing new signage for the paved portion, the commission addressed the grade school closure.

Currently the school puts up a barricade to close Cedar Street between Second and Third streets during the school year. Police officer Mike Grissom said ordinance prevents parking on the section of the street.

Fire Chief Bill Halmich said he was concerned about the current barricade used to block traffic. He said he wasn’t sure they were “adequate” and asked who would be liable if a car ran through one.

Police Chief Ed Menefee pointed out the school owns the barricade, but it’s the city’s street. Grissom said technically, the city does not allow children to play in the street at all, so it could be liable if any child was injured.

The commission discussed alternative barricades, but before they went too in depth agreed to push any action until the October meeting.

The commission wanted to make sure the closure had the proper ordinance in place and the kids were safely protected.

In addition to the school issue, the board will discuss a speed study along South Point Road and a request for a new speed limit sign.