A speed study on South Point Road raised no red flags for the Washington Traffic Commission.

After a resident complained about speeding drivers in the area, the commission ordered a speed study. The study was run between Tuesday, Sept. 26, and Wednesday, Oct. 4.

At the Oct. 6 traffic commission meeting, Washington Police Officer Mike Grissom said the study showed only 3.9 percent of the drivers along South Point Road were above the enforcement limit.

“To me this really doesn’t show a problem,” Grissom said.

The study was set up in the 35 mph zone. The system was set to flag cars going more than 10 miles above the posted speed limit. In the two lanes, several thousand cars were measured in the week’s span.

The majority of drivers were driving 45 mph or slower. The study showed the 80th percentile of drivers were going 40 mph.

“It’s more of a perception than a reality problem,” Emergency Management Director Mark Skornia said.

To address the speeders, Grissom said police will continue to monitor the portion of South Point Road that’s within the city limits.

“Are there some cars going through there at 56-60 mph? Yes, but you can see it’s only 36 cars during a weeklong period,” Grissom said.

Grissom said the city does regular enforcement in the area already.

“Our guys don’t stop a lot of cars when we’re out there and this kind of shows why,” he said.

The commission agreed it did not need to take any further action on speeding in the area.