The Washington street department could soon get three new trucks.

Street Superintendent Jack Brinker presented bids and recommendations for three new trucks during Monday’s administration/operation meeting. The council had no objections to Brinker’s recommendations and will vote to purchase the trucks at a later meeting.

All three trucks came in under budget, however, two weren’t the lowest bid.

2-Ton Truck

The city sought bids for a 2-ton dump truck with dump body, snowplow and spreader. The truck will replace a 1990 truck that will be kept in the fleet with the snowplow permanently attached.

The budget for the 2-ton truck was $140,000 and Brinker recommended the purchase of a $136,690 truck from Mid America Peterbilt in O’Fallon.

Brinker said the city received 12 bids for the 2-ton truck with the lowest from Rush Truck Sales at $128,607.

That truck is similar to five of the trucks the department has in the fleet. Brinker said those trucks have had frequent issues so he recommended the city go with a different model for a slightly higher, but still under-budget price.

Refuse Truck

Brinker also made a recommendation for a refuse truck that was under budget but not the lowest bid.

The street department was seeking a replacement for a 1990 trash truck.

Councilman Mark Hidritch asked if the 1990 truck could be salvaged with a new chassis, but Brinker said the whole truck is on its last legs.

With a $165,000 budget, Brinker said the best option was a bid from Armor Equipment for $164,535.40.

Key Equipment and Supply Co. ($155,579), Downing Sales and Service Inc. ($146,000) and Elliott Equipment Co. ($163,197 and $164,360) all had lower bids, but didn’t meet specifications the city was seeking.

Brinker said the Armor truck is the same body style as the trucks in the current fleet. Those trucks have a wedge in the back that eliminates dragging in alleys — a feature none of the other trucks offered.

Brinker said the Armor truck is heavier and better built than the other options.

Recycle Truck

The third truck on the docket was a new recycle truck to replace the 2006 model. Brinker said with all the liquid being recycled in cans, the truck was close to being rusted out.

The budget for the recycle truck was set at $150,000. Brinker recommended buying the truck from Truck Centers Inc. for $72,677 and the body from Kann Manufacturing Corp. for $69,608 for a total purchase price of $142,285.

The only other bid the city received was for the whole truck from Key Equipment and Supply Co. for $158,000.

Brinker said the 2006 recycle truck will be kept as a backup and be used for holidays when the city does double routes.