The Washington Fair Blue Ribbon market steer auction was not a record-setter, but it brought solid rewards to the rural youth who showed their animals.

The 47 steers that were auctioned brought a total of $167,772.50 to the exhibitors. The average price paid by bidders was $2.84 a pound. The market price Saturday ranged from $1.09 to slightly more.

The grand champion steer was exhibited by Olivia Jacquin, Marthasville, a member of the Go Hog Wild 4-H Club. The steer tipped the scales at 1,320 pounds. The buyer was a group, Striving for Excellence, composed of 27 companies and individuals. The group bid $5 a pound, paying  $6,600 for the steer.

Striving for Excellence also purchased Adam Gerlemann’s reserve champion, a 1,290-pound steer. The price paid was $5.50 a pound, or $7,095. Gerlemann is from Beaufort and is a member of the Jeffriesburg 4-H Club.

The $5.50 a pound for the reserve champion was the highest paid this year for a Fair steer.

Last year, there were 42 Blue Ribbon steers up for auction and the total they brought was $172,940. The average price paid was $3.26 a pound. The market price last year was $1.17 a pound.

In 2016, there were 51 Blue Ribbon steers auctioned, giving the exhibitors a total of $181,705. The average price paid was $2.88 a pound.

A  list of all the exhibitors whose animals were auctioned will be found elsewhere in this editon.

There was a time when the steers were the main animals at the Fair auction, but the hogs have taken over in numbers, and in total paid to the young exhibitors.

Farmer Dave Schumacher again was the auctioneer. He is from the Belleville, Ill., area and has a farm show on a St. Louis station. Saturday’s auction again lasted just short of five hours.

The usual large crowd attended. There were a number of new buyers this year. And, of course, many of the bidders are at the auction every year.

The livestock committee again produced an excellent auction for the exhibitors and buyers.