Washington Parks Department Director Wayne Dunker announced to the board Wednesday night that he is looking into a policy that would allow sports organizations to hang sponsor banners on the fencing at the fields.

“Darren Lamb (city administrator) and I are just beginning to look into this,” Dunker said. “We got a request from one of the sports organizations to look into allowing sponsorship banners on athletic field fences.”

Dunker noted the organization that requested it was the Washington Soccer Association.

Since the discussion is still in the beginning stages, Dunker said he only brought it up to keep the board informed.

“We’re just starting that process and we’ll see where it takes us,” he said. “We’ll keep you guys informed.”

During the meeting, board member Gavin Woolley mentioned that there are already sponsor banners hanging at Ronsick Field and asked if that meant the precedent has already been set. 

“My understanding is we were not aware that banners were out there,” said Dunker.

The parks department thought the banners were up only during tournaments.

“But I was out there recently and that was the first thing I noticed,” he said.

The request had been made before Dunker noticed the banners while visiting the Agnes Nolting Aquatics Complex.

The sponsor banners at Ronsick Field are up year-round.