There will be 16 police officers helping the Washington Police Department at the Washington Town & Country Fair.

To fill the spots needed in order to maintain an adequate number of officers on the fairgrounds, officers from surrounding agencies will be brought in to provide support. At a council meeting Monday night, the council supported appointing nine officers to work the Fair.

The number of officers brought on board is down from the 20 appointed last year.

The officers come from several departments in the area.

Franklin County deputies are Darrell Floyd, Andrew Rosenkoetter, Nicholas Manhart, Brittany Schroepfer, James Cross, Chad Johnmeyer, Jason Schmelz, Laura Creech, Matthew Cooper and Gage Turk.

Sullivan police officers are Jack Allen and Devon Sutterfield.

Owensville police officers are Joshua Smith and Brenn Finley.

Rounding out the list are Chris Flora, Potosi police, and James Birmingham, New Haven police.

Police Chief Ed Menefee said there was a very good response from officers wanting to work the Fair. 

“With the pay we offer for Fair duty it has been an incentive to get officers from other agencies to work the Fair,” he said. Officers are paid $25 an hour to work at the Fair. They are paid by the Washington Area Chamber of Commerce.

“We have all the additional manpower we could need for the Fair — security, concerts, events and all activities,” Menefee said. “We will also schedule special officers to come in earlier and give our department officers more time off so they can come in later weekend nights; since our officers work so many hours at the Fair. Scheduling of the special officers will be rotated to provide needed manpower.