The Washington Planning and Zoning Commission Monday approved a rezoning request for the Busch Brewery.

Roger Langendorfer requested the building, located at addresses 108 through 138 Busch Ave., be rezoned from M-2 heavy industrial to C-2 general commercial.

The commission voted 7-0 to approve the request. Members Samantha Cerutti Wacker and Mark Kluesner were not at the meeting.

According to Community and Economic Development Director Sal Maniaci, the property has been used commercially as a restaurant, bar, office building and venue center for a number of years out of compliance with its current zoning.

The proposed rezoning to C-2 General Commercial brings the building in to compliance as all of the existing uses are permissible in the C-2 zoned district, he added.

The Washington City Council must give final approval of the request.

The closest residential district is to the west of the subject property, however, it is separated by the natural buffer and screen that is Busch Creek.

Maniaci explained that approving the rezoning should not be detrimental to the surrounding properties and will bring the historic Busch Brewery into compliance with the current city code.