The city’s planning commission Monday approved the rezoning and preliminary plat for a property so the owners can sell individual units of duplexes.

The Washington Planning and Zoning Commission approved the request by Greg and Brittany Gross to rezone 401 and 403 Dubois St. from R-2 overlay to R-1C single-family attached.

The commission also approved the request to subdivide the property into two lots. The requests were approved with a 7-0 vote. Members Carolyn Witt and Samantha Cerutti Wacker were not at the meeting.

City Planner Sal Maniaci explained that the property is occupied by a duplex with each unit part of a condominium on one parcel.

The owners would like to subdivide the land in order to sell each unit individually and in order to do that, he explained, they need to rezone to single-family attached and have a plat approved showing each new lot.

Maniaci said the surrounding area is a mix of single-, two- and multifamily uses. There is no adjoining property zoned R-1C, however allowing this rezoning will not be detrimental to the surrounding area in any way. The use and structure will remain the same.

Approval of the preliminary plat would be pending variance from the board of adjustment because the lots are below the minimum allowed in the R-1C zone district. The city council must give final approval for the rezoning and preliminary plat.

Planning commission member John Borgmann questioned the splitting of a carport, that is one structure, in half to be sold with separate units of the duplex.

“Is there some type of conveyance as far as maintenance?” he asked.

Maniaci explained that the city staff does not review subdivision conveyances for these type of requests.