The Washington Planning and Zoning Commission Monday approved three separate requests for the developer of the Overlook at Weber Farms.

The planning board unanimously approved the annexation of 4.19 acres, rezoning of 3.58 acres in the subdivision and a preliminary plat all requested by Vic Hoerstkamp of Northern Star Homes.

The requests must be approved by the Washington City Council.

The annexation is for property directly south of the existing subdivision. It is adjacent to the existing city limits and will have access via Shirley Close Road and Kuenzel Drive, according to Sal Maniaci, community and economic development director.

Hoerstkamp requested that the property be annexed into the city as R-10 single-family residential.

“This is slightly denser than the existing neighborhood but it is consistent with the Villas at Weber Farms, which is directly to the east and will eventually connect to this subdivision,” Maniaci said.


The second application was a request to rezone 3.58 acres, situated between the existing subdivision and the proposed annexation, from R-1A 10,000-square-feet single-family residential to R-1D 7,500 square foot residential.

“The proposal creates a denser subdivision, but is part of a transition between the larger lot Lake Washington subdivision to the north and the smaller lot Villas at Weber Farms subdivision directly to the east,” Maniaci said.

He added that city staff sees no detriment to the surrounding neighborhoods by allowing the rezoning.

Preliminary Plat

Hoerstkamp also is requesting approval of a preliminary plat for the Overlook at Weber Farms Plat 3. This next phase of the subdivision includes the extension of Kuenzel Drive and Shirley Close Road to allow for the creation of 25 lots, according to Maniaci.

The plat proposes to terminate Kuenzel Drive by connecting it to Shirley Close Road as well as terminating Shirley Close Road with a 96-foot-wide cul-de-sac.

Maniaci explained that with the termination of both streets, it creates a dead end in the subdivision, however, previous phases have required a corridor be recorded between the existing subdivision and The Villas at Weber Farms allowing for two points of ingress and egress once the connection is made.

Construction plans show a max slope of 12 percent on each proposed street extension.

“Given the fact that the existing topography of the ground exceeds 12 percent and that each road was given a variance to construct up to 12 percent grade in the previous plats, staff sees no issue in approving the plat as submitted,” Maniaci said.

City staff is recommending that the plat be revised to denote the street grades prior to being recorded. The remainder of the plat meets code requirements showing the appropriate right of way widths, utility easements, and general notes. ·

According to Maniaci, city staff recommended approval of all three application with the following conditions construction plans show hydrants located at every intersection. The number of hydrants and their locations must meet minimum standard set forth in the development code; documentation showing offsite stormwater detention must be provided with construction plans; and the final plat must denote the street grades that exceed 10 percent.