The tennis courts at Phoenix Park have the Washington Parks Department’s attention again.

“On the end of court 4, the ground is washing out,” said Wayne Dunker, director. “So the asphalt is starting to flick off there.”

Dunker noted the issue was pointed out by a citizen who called the department.

The parks department is going to meet with McConnell & Associates to get an “expert opinion” and discuss cost.

Gavin Woolley, park board member, asked if a retaining wall is going to be necessary.

Dunker said the issue may involve some concrete work, but he wasn’t sure about a retaining wall.

“I haven’t seen the underside of it. I was standing on top of the court when I looked at it,” he said, noting the court is situated on a hill. “I’ll have to go back to get a better look.”

Dunker said the issue is being caused by water running off the courts toward the retention basin. 

Park Repairs

This isn’t the first time the tennis courts have been on the department’s radar.

The courts were resurfaced in October 2018 by McConnell & Associates. Due to snow and cold temps, the courts had to be repaired again in May 2019.

The city entered into a contract with McConnell & Associates in 2018 to repair the courts for $40,375. The second repair was included in that contract.

In addition, the department has been working to replace the planks of both bridges at Phoenix Park.

One bridge is located at the northern area of the park and is 50-feet-long. The other is an 85-foot-long bridge crossing over a creek.

The bridge project will cost $11,500. Originally, only $5,000 had been budgeted. The city council approved additional funding, which will appear in the current budget.

The park is a 20-acre tract of land, southwest of the Phoenix Center II retail development. It opened to the public in 2008. 

The park features a 4,100-foot-long, 8-foot-wide walking trail. 

There are six ponds, which serve as detention basins to control stormwater runoff.