Lexington Lane Work

Asphalt resurfacing work along several streets in the area of Washington Heights and Haase Acres subdivisions is scheduled to begin this Monday, depending on the weather.

The work is part of a multi-street resurfacing project that is being funded with a federal grant.

City workers were notifying property owners of the upcoming work which temporarily will affect access to their homes.

The project includes resurfacing International Avenue, Rabbit Trail Drive, Wenona Drive, Lexington Lane and Washington Heights Drive and installation of sidewalks along Rabbit Trail and part of International.

N.B. West Contracting Company is the general contractor.

Work to repair curbing and correct a stormwater problem along part of Lexington Lane has been completed and installation of sidewalks is under way.

Andrea Lueken, assistant city engineer, said the asphalt milling and paving work is scheduled over a two-week period, from April 15-26, but that could be affected by the weather.

Paving Schedule

Lueken said streets are scheduled to be paved in the following order: Washington Heights Drive, Lexington Lane, Wenona Drive, Rabbit Trail Drive and International Avenue.

Lueken said local traffic only will be allowed during construction and no parking signs will be placed along the paving corridor before construction begins in each area.

Typical working hours are expected between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. although the contractor is allowed by city code to work from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Weekend work is not anticipated, according to the notice to property owners.

Lueken said property owners will be given notice the day paving work is scheduled in their area and they will have a five-hour window to prepare for the work.

She said there will be a maximum one-hour delay after paving work is completed before those areas will be reopened to traffic.

The contractor started work March 18 and has 50 working days to complete the project.

West was awarded the contract on a low bid of $531,402.22.

The engineer’s estimate for the work was $657,535.80.

The federal grant obtained through the East-West Gateway Council of Governments (EWGW) will pay about 75 percent of the total costs.