The Washington Parks Department will move into its new office in the lower level of city hall Oct. 1.

Parks Director Darren Dunkle said that while the department will not be completely moved in that first day, the office will still be operational.

The department is moving because it has run out of space at its current site in the city park near Lions Lake.

Dunkle said the department does not have enough space to store all of its equipment for the maintenance staff.

He asked for a new maintenance facility to be included in the half-cent capital improvement sales tax, but the request wasn’t included.

Dunkle said that by moving the administrative staff out of the current office at 1220 S. Lakeshore Drive, the office areas can be renovated to create more space for equipment.

“They (the city) will be doing some heavy renovating of it over the next few years depending on the sales tax,” he said.

The sales tax will only be used for some of the renovations.

“Some stuff we can just do ourselves,” Dunkle said.

The department considered different locations for the office, he said, such as the pool house or the basement of the auditorium.

After looking at the costs, officials decided relocating to city hall would be the right move.

“The cost is far, far lower to remodel the lower level (at city hall) than to remodel the old bath house,” Dunkle said.

The move will require Dunkle to split his time between the new office and the maintenance building, but he said that won’t be a problem.

Currently, he spends half of his days at city hall for meetings and the other half at the parks office.

“So it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other,” he said.

Dunkle said he’s really only worried about the public adjusting to the new location.

“People have been used to coming to that building since 1973,” he said.

City hall is located at 405 Jefferson St. in Downtown Washington. The department’s phone number, 636-390-1080, will stay the same.