Washington’s parks department hopes to be able to accept credit cards in 2018.

The department is moving forward with plans to purchase new computer software that will change the way it does business. The biggest and most notable change will be residents would be able to pay for programs with credit cards.

Parks and Recreation Director Darren Dunkle said the department has used a product called RecTrac. The programs allows the department to track facility reservations and take registrations for the various parks programs.

The program works fine, Dunkle said, it’s just not compatible with the city’s Tyler Technologies finance software. RecTrac also doesn’t allow for online registration and does not accept credit cards.

“Right now we don’t accept credit cards or debit cards and it is an inconvenience to our residents,” he said. “Lots of people have to go to ATMs, so what we’re looking at is a new program so we can do those sorts of things.”

Dunkle said Tyler Technologies, which the city already uses, actually has a parks module.

“My staff has reviewed it and it can do everything our current program does and more,” he said.

Dunkle said the software was included in the parks department’s 2017-18 budget. The software would cost $21,370 with $1,430 in annual maintenance fees.

Earlier this month the park board backed the purchase of the software. The city council will vote to formally approve the purchase at a 2018 meeting.