The Washington Parks Department has identified a material for a new roof for the main park pavilion that is both affordable and durable.

Parks and Recreation Director Darren Dunkle said the city has looked into multiple options to repair the roof. His department and members of the park board wanted something more durable, but didn’t want the exorbitant costs.

Dunkle said a new option, a stone-coated steel roofing system, should provide the desired improvement while not breaking the bank. The parks department is currently seeking bids for the new roof.

The material is stronger than an asphalt shingled roof and not nearly as expensive as a single seam metal roof, Dunkle said.

An asphalt roof has been estimated to cost about $48,000 while a steel roof could cost about $125,000. The stone-coated roof should cost an estimated $51,500.

“We originally looked at the asphalt and a lot of people on the parks commission didn’t like that look,” Dunkle said. “Plus, with storms the shingles blow off. We looked at the single seam metal roof, but the price on that was pretty high.”

The stone-coated steel roofing system is made of 26-gauge Galvalume steel panels that weigh 1.4-pounds per square foot. The roof can withstand 120 mile per hour winds and would have a 2-percent hail warranty.

Dunkle said the roof comes with a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty.

“The pricing was right and it’s a good product,” he said. “I think it’s going to have a good look.”

Bids for the new roof are due Tuesday, June 20. The city council would have to approve a contract to purchase the roof.

If the new material works for the city, Dunkle said it could be used by the parks department for other pavilions.

“It gives us, as we move forward, something to look at,” he said.