Ben Ziglin, owner of Ziglin Signs in Washington, has taken back ownership of the company he founded more than 14 years ago.

The business had been acquired by Ivie and Associates at the beginning of 2012.

Ziglin felt like the acquisition by an outside source was a good building block for the company and a great opportunity to learn from a worldwide corporation.

“We are excited to have built a larger national footprint in the sign industry in the past year, but we’re ready to bring back the local feel that has made our company what it is with customer first service and cutting edge sign and graphic work,” Ziglin said.

“There are so many new avenues in the sign industry, that we are looking forward to continue our growth and to remain one of the leaders in the industry. “

Ziglin will continue to grow the business with custom sign work that uses green technology, as well as continue to produce a wide array of graphic design work including vehicle graphics, digitally printed advertising and graphic products.

“We are proud to say we know where we have come from and are pleased with how we are growing,” Ziglin said.

New Responsibilities

Ziglin recently was elected president of the Tri-State Sign Association.

He also will serve as chairman of the steering committee and chairman of the digital signage task force for the International Sign Association (ISA).

The ISA is devoted to supporting, promoting and improving the sign industry through government advocacy, education and training programs, technical resources, stakeholder outreach and industry networking events.

“Our industry has grown dramatically in the past few years throughout the turbulent economy,” Ziglin said. “We want the members in the sign industry to stay in tune with local and federal government so that we can provide the most technologically savvy products at cost-effective prices to our customers and continue the growth trend in the sign industry.”