Two opponents of the city’s annexation plan repeated their objections during this past week’s city council meeting.

Al Fischer and Jeff Adams, both outspoken annexation opponents, addressed the council during the citizens discussion portion of the meeting.

Fischer called different parts of the annexation plan “wrong” for citizens and said it’s “irresponsible” for the council to spend tax dollars on the process.

He said that property owners in the annexation areas pay sales taxes and called it wrong to put existing fireworks stands out of business, take in lots along South Point Road, annex part of the Watermann family farm and property owned by Jack Brinker who has worked for the city almost 30 years, and potentially pit property owners in Meadowlake Farms against each other if all don’t agree to transfer streets to the city for future maintenance.

Adams said there is plenty of raw private property within the city limits that could be developed.

He said he thinks it’s “ridiculous” to take in more land and that the city should “develop what you have.”

Adams mentioned several large undeveloped tracts that are in private ownership.

There was no response from the mayor or council to the remarks.

City officials are proposing to annex about 460 acres to the west, south and east with the goals of straightening boundaries, taking in pockets of property surrounded by the city limits and bringing a section of Highway 100 right of way into the city.

The measures will be on the Aug. 5 primary election ballot.