Narcan Spray

Four Washington Police Department officers were recognized for saving lives.

At Monday’s city council meeting, the officers were presented with the department’s Lifesaving Award for using Narcan to prevent a drug overdose death.

The officers honored were Scott Horn, Nathan Pinter, Mike Grissom and Greg Garrett.

First Use

Washington police officers just started carrying Narcan May 15. Narcan is a nasal spray that is administered in each nostril during an overdose to reverse the effects.

Prior to receiving it, every officer had undergone training on how to properly administer the spray.

Just one week after officers were first given Narcan, Grissom and Garrett became the first Washington officers to administer it. On May 22, the two responded to a call at the Washington Public Library.

The officers found an unresponsive woman in the bathroom. Recognizing it was likely a drug overdose, officers administered Narcan.

According to Chief Ed Menefee, the woman’s pulse improved, but she was still unresponsive. Grissom and Garrett affixed an AED unit to the woman in case of a cardiac arrest and performed rescue breathing.

The woman started to improve. After EMS arrived, she was transported and regained consciousness.

Menefee said the woman made a full recovery and credited Garrett and Grissom with saving her life.

Quick Thinking

Pinter was credited with saving a life June 20.

While driving in the area of East Fifth Street and Washington Avenue, Pinter spotted two vehicles in the road with emergency flashers on and discovered that one of the drivers appeared to be unconscious.

Menefee said Pinter realized the man was overdosing and administered a dose of Narcan. The man almost instantly regained consciousness and made a full recovery.

Menefee credited Pinter’s quick thinking with saving the man’s life.

Latest Save

Horn responded to a call at an apartment in the 1300 block of Stafford Street Aug. 10 and found a man turning purple from a reported drug overdose.

The man was struggling to breathe and his mother said he was a heroin user. Horn administered a dose of Narcan and the man began to breathe better, but was still unconscious.

EMS arrived and gave the man a second dose of Narcan.

Menefee said the man made a full recovery, thanks in part to Horn.