There have been no recent complaints of odor at the wastewater treatment plant, Kevin Quaethem, water/wastewater superintendent, told the Board of Public Works Tuesday morning.

Quaethem said the hot-weather season will be the true test as to whether the odor problem has been alleviated.

“As it is right now, we have not had any major odors coming out of the plant,” he said. “We’ve had some normal wastewater odors that continue to happen, but as far as the strong, pungent odors we were having last year, we haven’t had any yet.”

The last odor problem came in early April, which was caused by slurry leachate brought in by a hauler.

The substance became septic in the drying beds and as it was moved, it created a strong odor.

Lime was mixed in immediately to alleviate the odor and the city began accepting only liquid leachate to help curb the possible odor issue.

The plant will continue to be monitored on a daily basis.