Washington Police Department

Washington Police are chalking up this year’s Washington Town & Country Fair as a success, as far as policing goes.

Chief Ed Menefee said other than the hot weather and a small amount of minor incidents, the Fair went well.

“It was busy but the week was fantastic. The crowds were well behaved,” Menefee said. “Other than hot weather it was a pretty great Fair.”

He said there were around eight minor in possession cases and a handful of minor altercations broken up before spilling over into full-blown fights. He noted there was one fight that ended in the arrest of a suspect.

“We separate people and send them on their ways,” Menefee said. “We try to break them up before anything gets started.”

The majority of the police force worked the Fair, along with outside law enforcement agencies who assisted. Menefee said this is the busiest week of the year by far for his officers.

He added that presence is a big part of policing the Fair. If people see officers, he said, they’re more likely to behave.

“Presence is a big thing. The more people see officers who are readily available, the safer they feel. The more people who want to cause problems see them, the more likely they are to have a second thought about causing trouble.”

Washington Police also covered parking and had few issues at closing time. He said there were a couple of accidents in the parking lots but nothing serious,