The Washington Parks Department is making its way through revising fees charged for use of the city’s athletic fields.

The park board approved a recommendation to propose football fees to stay the same to the city council.

This is the third set of athletic field fees the board has revised.

Parks Director Wayne Dunker presented the recommendation to keep the fees at $25. The fees and charges committee were not part of the process this time.

Instead, Dunker and Robin Peirick, recreation coordinator, researched fees charged for use of football fields in the surrounding area.

“As far as game fees go, we’re not changing the price,” Dunker said.

The pair compared the current prices to those set by five other parks departments.

O’Fallon and Wentzville had higher fees, according to Dunker, and St. Peters, St. Louis County and University City’s parks departments had lower fees.

“So we’re right at the middle,” he said. “I’m proposing no change for game fees.”

They did, however, change the length of a game to just an hour whereas before it was based on a two-hour game.

Dunker said the Washington Junior Football League is aware of the potential time change.

“That’s really how we’ve been renting them anyway,” he said.

The league plays games at Lakeview Fields in Washington.


The only other change noted at the meeting is the charge for lining and relining the fields.

The fees proposed are $200 for the initial lining and relining will cost $100 every time.

“That’s a little more than soccer, but it requires a little more labor and paint than soccer too,” Dunker said.

The soccer lining fees are $100 for the initial and $50 for every time after.

The Washington Soccer Association is looking into relining the fields themselves. Dunker said the football league would have the same opportunity.