It’s not needed yet, but the Washington Board of Public Works is discussing a new water tower for the east end of town.

Late last year the board began talks about the need for a new tower. Those talks resumed at its July 11 meeting.

A recent hydraulic study commissioned by the city predicts the eastern part of town will need a new tower in the 2020s based on projected growth. Right now the eastern end is served by the Crestview 500,000-gallon tank.

Water/Wastewater Superintended Kevin Quaethem said the study predicts a need for at least another 500,000-gallon tower in the next decade.

“We only have 500,00 -gallons stored on the east end of town and 2 million for the rest,” he said. “The reality is, we need more stored water on the east end of town.”

Board member Brad Mitchell said the dates seem far away but will likely “be here before we know it.” He suggested the board start working up plans for the new tower.

Last year the city looked at the cost of towers to replace the Crestview tower with a 1 million-gallon tank. A Pedeshere tank, one that’s almost identical to the current Crestview tower, would cost an estimated $3.1 million.

A composite tank, similar to one in New Melle, has an estimated price tag of $2.8 million. The final option, a standpipe tower similar to ones just off Enduro Drive in the Heidmann Industrial Park and on Clay Street, would cost $1,277,000.

Quaethem said those prices are only going to go up in the future. In December, the board instructed Director of Public Works John Nilges to explore what it would take to build a tower on the east end of town.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Quaethem said there was no news to report on the project. Board member John Vietmeier asked if the location for the proposed tower had been identified.

Quaethem said there are two potential sites that would probably work. One site is at Bieker and South Point roads near the Stone Crest development. The other site is near the Phoenix Center.

The Phoenix Center site is Quaethem’s preferred spot. He said the property is jointly owned by the city and county and would need less work than the other site.

In years past the area has been discussed as a potential Veterans Home, fire station or police substation. Most of those plans could still work with the tower because all the city would need is a 1-acre site for the tank.