The Washington Planning and Zoning Commission will again review a request for a special use permit to operate a recycling and salvage center that was rejected in January.

The commission will meet Monday, May 14, at 7 p.m. in the council chambers on the ground level of Washington City Hall.

Jeff Gardner, the owner of Franklin County Recycling and Salvage, LLC, is seeking a special use permit to operate the business at 1699 W. Main St. at the former Sporlan Valve plan

The property has been vacant for a number of years. It is zoned M-2 heavy industrial but given the nature of the proposed use and the requirement for outdoor storage of equipment and materials, a special use permit is required to obtain occupancy for the intended use.

Several residents and property owners to the east of the building expressed concerns about the impact of a recycling and salvage yard on property values.

In January, the planning commission voted 5-3 against the request.

The property is adjoined by heavy industrial uses to the west, Union Pacific Railroad property to the north and agricultural and residential property to the south. The site plan proposes to utilize the existing building and parking lot, while creating a new storage area to the rear of the lot.

The plan also shows a new loading dock in the storage area as well.

City staff has stated that given the existing zoning and the property’s location in the industrial park, the proposed use is not inappropriate for the property. However, because of the property’s proximity to the residential uses and the intensity and unsightliness of a recycle center and salvage yard, appropriate measures should be taken to adequately screen the use from the neighboring properties.

In January, Gardner said he plans for all of the operations to be conducted inside the building. The facility where he is operating now at 6365 Bluff Road is about 12,000 square feet and the Sporlan building is approximately 100,000 square feet.

He added that the only vehicles in the parking lot would be licensed.

Gardner said he would erect a 10-foot corrugated metal fence that would resemble the sides of a pole barn that would “wrap around the entire back.

The owner also addressed the retention pond concerns, stating that all vehicles to be salvaged are drained before they would be on the lot.

Residents have stated that the noise from the business would be a nuisance, and that some residents will be able to see into the business from the backs of their homes.

Other Item

Also on Monday’s agenda is a request from Denise Dickinson for the approval of a special use permit for a vacation rental dwelling at 508 Burnside.