A second Downtown Washington informational kiosk was installed Wednesday that will feature environmental and educational information impacting the riverfront.

John Nilges, public works director, said the kiosk is a joint venture between the city’s engineering department and the parks department. It is located in a green space on the western parking lot of the riverfront along Elbert Drive.

The informational kiosk will include a plaque with a photo of what the riverfront looked like during the flood of 1993 along with info about the photo and flood.

The idea is for people to see the photo, then be able to look west to see what it looks like now, according to Wayne Dunker, parks director.

Nilges said the kiosk will target those using the Rotary Riverfront Trail and boaters accessing the river.

This is the second Downtown kiosk. The other kiosk is located on the Elm Street parking lot at the Farmers’ Market and features information about Washington.

“The Elm Street kiosk is more for tourism,” Nilges noted. “This is more focused on environmental education.”

The plaque, which is expected to be installed next year, is being donated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Silver Jackets — a team comprised of federal, state, local and tribal agencies working toward reducing flood risk throughout the country.

The kiosk will have information about the park system, the riverfront park and any events the parks department is hosting. On one side, there will be a map of the trail with mileage, landmarks and bathrooms marked.

According to Nilges, there also will be education information about stormwater and how it impacts the community.

“We are using that kiosk to reach out to as many people as possible and let them know the happenings around town and in our own departments,” he said.

The kiosk is being funded through the city’s stormwater fund because it helps the city achieve goals of the MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems) plan.

“It will include information about stormwater quality and impacts that may have in flooding,” Nilges added.

The kiosk also will include information about the Downtown area.

Missourian staff writer Amanda Postma contributed to this story.