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Single-family home construction was up again last year, the highest number of permits issued in more than a decade.

The city issued 32 permits for new homes valued at $6,156,556 in 2017. That compares to 20 single-family homes, with an estimated construction cost of $4,666,527 in 2016.

The 2017 building report was approved Monday by the Washington City Council.

“There was a fairly substantial amount of single-family homes platted (in 2017),” said John Nilges, director of public services. “It looks like that will continue in 2018.”

He added there are five subdivisions where new homes are being built in Washington.

City Administrator Darren Lamb said this year’s numbers still don’t compare to the approximate 100 single-family home permits issued in 2003, just before the housing market crashed.

“We’ve never gotten back to that number but we are on the uptick,” Lamb said.


There were seven single-family attached, or duplex, homes constructed in 2017 for a total value of $1,135,364. That is up from last year when there were no single-family attached permits issued, but a decrease compared to 2015 when there were 12 permits issued for homes valued at $2,169,465. In 2014, seven permits were issued for duplex units with a total estimated value of $778,625. The number of duplex units built in 2013 was five, with a total estimated construction cost of $1,080,412.

In 2017 there were two permits issued for two-family buildings with a value of $200,000; and seven permits issued for multifamily buildings for a value of $3,923,202

There were four permits issued last year for mobile home setups.

Residential occupancy inspections were down last year. There were 843 inspections in 2017 compared to 897 in 2016. In 2015 there were 856 inspections. The city conducted 882 inspections in 2014.

Commercial Construction

Commercial construction was down in 2017 compared to the previous year.

There were four permits issued for commercial buildings, with estimated construction costs of $2,992,650. That is compared to 10 permits issued in 2016 with estimated construction costs of $3,023,594.

There were five permits for commercial buildings in 2015, with estimated construction costs of $2,578,060; and 10 commercial projects in 2014, with estimated construction costs of $4,677,125.

Total Permits

In 2017, the city’s building department issued 1,421 permits for projects valued at $33,132,787. That is down from 1,438 permits issued in 2016, but the total values were up by 30 percent from $22,946,164. In 2015, 1,335 permits were issued for projects valued at $25,672,954. In 2014, 1,325 permits were issued for projects valued at $18,829,276.

Permits were broken down as follows: residential addition, 13, $209,500; residential alteration, 55, $1,508,494; mobile home setup, four, $911,500; commercial building, four, $2,992,650; commercial addition, 12, $1,277,200; commercial alteration, 38, $3,245,595; industrial addition, three, $8,382,000; industrial alteration, three, $503,570;

Accessory building, 11, $89,653; blasting, three, $30,000; carnival, one, $500; deck/porch, 34, $286,944; demolition, 23, $602,700; electric service, 77, $233,691; fire protection, 15, $837,820; fireworks, three, $23,000; garage, eight, $189,412; sewer lateral/repair, 25, $93,275; sign, 33, $180,817;

Swimming pool, 12, $448,130; antenna, one, $1,000; flood plain development, four; grading, eight, $412,205; preliminary plat, 10; rezoning, nine; special use, five; street excavation, 30, $57,309; subdivision development, four, $20,700; variance, eight;

Voluntary annexation, three; boundary adjustment, eight; historic design review, seven; residential occupancy, 843; commercial occupancy, 56; and industrial occupancy, zero.

Commercial occupancy inspections were down from 61 in 2016 to 56 in 2017.