Mayor Sandy Lucy

Mayor Sandy Lucy said she would like to see the city of Washington continue its path of success for the next four years.

That is why she intends to run again for a third term as mayor.

“We have had some great success in the past eight years and I think of what more success we can have in four more years,” Lucy said.

She attributes the success to the city staff, the council and the people of the community.

“Our staff is very engaged. Everyone wants to provide great customer service and I couldn’t do this without their support,” Lucy told The Missourian.

“I really enjoy being mayor of this wonderful community.”

Lucy is the first female mayor in the history of Washington. She first was elected in April 2010 and ran unopposed in April 2014.

In her bid for re-election in 2010, Lucy defeated four challengers, winning in all four wards with more votes than her two main opponents combined.

“Once we got going and we would have a little success, and then something else would happen and there would be another success,” Lucy said. “I wonder what else can we do?”

Before making her decision public, Lucy talked with her husband, Gary, as well as her mom. She also met with the staff of the Gary Lucy Gallery.

“I had everyone’s blessing to move forward and try for a third term,” she said.

Lucy noted that people in the community have inquired if she intended to run again.

“I have had a lot of people ask, and I have gotten lot of support in the community to continue being mayor,” she said.

Lucy said she notified city staff Monday, Nov. 13, to inform them of her decision.

“We have had a lot of changeover in staff,” she said. “I feel I have their support.

“There is a lot of new energy at the city,” Lucy added. “The staff is looking at ways to become more efficient and to do thing better. It is energizing to hear all that is being discussed.”

According to Lucy, moving forward is the primary goal for the city is the passage of an extension of the city’s half-cent capital improvement sales tax that will expire next year.

“With the passage of that, it will set the course for the next eight years,” she said. “That’s an important piece of the puzzle.

“The city has been successful in completing projects during the previous terms of the sales tax,” Lucy explained.

“Our report card from the last eight years is very good,” she added. “We have done what we said we would.”

Lucy has no agenda if she is to be re-elected.

“I didn’t have an agenda the first time around,” she said, “and I don’t have one for the next four years — that is something that presents itself as time goes on.

“We always try to raise the bar and take the city to the next level, and then try and take it up another level,” Lucy added.

Filing will open Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2017, for the mayor’s office, four city council seats and the office of city attorney for the April 3, 2018, municipal election.

Incumbent council members whose terms will expire next April are Steve Sullentrup, Ward 1; Mark Hidritch, Ward 2; Greg Skornia, Ward 3; and Josh Brinker, Ward 4.

Mark Piontek is the incumbent city attorney. Piontek was first elected city attorney in 1988.