Students in Kathryn Laurentius’ Marketing II class at Washington High School teamed up with the life skills classes to help design logos for their program.

Logo designs were submitted by the marketing students and the life skills classes got to pick their favorite one.

The project was made into a contest for the marketing students. Senior Paige Nye designed the winning logo.

The life skills program teaches the skills students will need to be as independent as possible in everyday life.

“We work on skills that will give students a chance to work in the community with the sheltered workshops as a fallback,” said WHS special education teacher Judy Obermark.

“We work on communication skills so that they can advocate for themselves,” she explained. “We also work on the skills they need at home so they can live as independently as possible.”

Obermark said current events are the focus of the communication arts classes so that they can talk to others about things going on in the world. Social skills are taught as well, she said, in the hopes that they will be better able to blend into a community group.

“Our math focuses on time and money skills that will enable them to be ready for work or other appointments on time as well as banking skills, shopping skills, and bill paying,” she said. “We work on personal hygiene and first aid kinds of skills so they can take care of themselves as much as possible.”