Washington Landfill 2017

Plans to build new cells at the Washington landfill moved forward Monday night at a special city council meeting.

The council voted unanimously on three measures related to the project. The first awarded a contract to McFry Excavating Inc., Manchester, for work on the site and second awarded a contract to SCS Engineers, St. Louis, for permitting, design, and construction management for two new cells at the Struckhoff landfill.

The third measure was a budget amendment to take out a line item to build a transfer station. The budget originally had $2.7 million to build a new transfer station, but that has been changed to $1 million for the construction of two cells.

Director of Public Services John Nilges said the votes Monday night will get the project started and moving forward as soon as possible.

Nilges said the contract with SCS Engineers covers everything from now until the end of the project. He said right now SCS Engineers are working on the design of the liner and testing dirt.

SCS Engineers is the city’s current consultant at the landfill. The total cost of the contract is $191,071.90.

While waiting on SCS Engineers to get things in line, Nilges said the city can start digging holes. The deal with McFry will allow the city to excavate the dirt so, when SCS is ready, construction on the cells can begin.

Nilges said the excavation is not a complicated project. He said basically McFry will be digging a hole.

“Get some tractors, get some scrapers and move the dirt,” he said.

The city received 11 bids for the excavation work and McFry was the low bidder. Not having worked with them, Nilges said he checked a few references and found them to be a reputable company.

The contract will pay McFry $317,910.80. The initial estimate for the work was $429,136.

Other bidders were Kolb Grading, $335,860.50; KJU Inc., $347,903; Howell and Sons $416,061.50; L. Keeley, $439,018.50; Veterans Worldwide, $447,633.50; Rich Gullet and Sons, $456,090.60; HR Quadri, $505,937.20; Bloomsdale, $512,254; Klocke Inc., $1,017,984.96; and CSD Environmental Services, $1,261,065.06.

The completion date for the excavation project is March 30.

Project Background

Washington city staff is moving forward with plans to open a new landfill cell in lieu of a transfer station. The city had been exploring opening a transfer station and closing the landfill for a few years.

The landfill permit on the Struckhoff farm property off of Bluff Road will expire this year. The city has an option to negotiate for another phase at the landfill which could extend the life another six years, Nilges explained.

In order to move to the next phase of waste management, the city will increase the tipping, or gate, fees at the landfill $10 from $70 to $80 per ton.

The council voted 8-0 to change the landfill fees earlier this month.

Last year in May the city upped the tipping from $47.50 per ton to $70 per ton. At that time the minimum fees were reduced from $17.50 to $15. The reduction in the minimum fee was to benefit Washington residents who take a “curbside” load to the landfill.

In December, the consultant for the transfer station provided a $2.7 million cost estimate to build the facility. However, under the purchase agreement for the Struckhoff property, a landfill must be operated until September 2019.

Nilges said the city has been in contact with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) which has supported the plan to open the final cell of the landfill.

He projects that by opening the new cell, it would generate $5.4 million in revenue. That would fund the future closure of the landfill, opening of the transfer station, operations and other costs.