A proposed new rule on carbon dioxide emissions should not have any impact on the operation of Ameren Missouri’s Labadie power plant, an official with the company said Monday.

Ameren will likely not have to make any upgrades to its Labadie coal-fired power pant to comply with the proposed new rule, according to spokesman Joe Muehlenkamp.

President Barack Obama’s initiative aims to cut carbon dioxide emissions from power plants by nearly a third from 2005 levels by 2030, The Associated Press reported. But the plan delays the deadline for some states to begin complying until long after Obama leaves office, according to the AP.

Ameren released a statement Monday from Michael Menne, vice president of environmental services, about the proposed new EPA rule on carbon dioxide emissions.

It reads:

“We need to study the proposed EPA rule in detail to see how it would affect our customers, system reliability, the environment and the local economy. We will share our perspectives on the impact of this rule with key stakeholders once we complete our assessment.

“Ameren remains focused on transitioning to a cleaner, more diverse energy portfolio in a responsible fashion. We look forward to working with pertinent federal and state officials and other key stakeholders to develop appropriate policies that support this approach.

“It’s important to note that Ameren already has taken steps to transition, in a responsible way, to a cleaner, more diverse energy portfolio.

“Those steps include greater levels of renewable energy being added to our generation mix, including the largest investor-owned solar energy center in Missouri.

“We also will install additional clean air equipment and continue to invest in meaningful energy-efficiency programs, as detailed on ActOnEnergy.com.”