KFC closed

At 10 a.m. Sunday morning, the Washington Kentucky Fried Chicken was allowed to reopen after unsanitary conditions found by the Franklin County Health Department forced the restaurant to close for 48 hours.

Officials say the sanitation and cleanliness issues have been resolved but there are several maintenance issues that still need to be addressed.

Those issues include replacing a thermometer on the warmer, repairing a wall behind the tea urns, repairing a light fixture, and addressing the ceiling of the walk-in cooler due to moisture buildup.

A follow-up inspection is scheduled for April 9.

According to county documents, the restaurant has been inspected 32 times since 2013. Typically, food establishments are inspected twice a year.

The restaurant is scheduled to be remodeled next month.


The inspection which led to the closure took place Friday, March 9, just before 11:30 a.m.

At that time, county inspectors found six critical items and more than 25 additional noncritical infractions.

Topping the list was electrical outlets along the wall with the fryers having grease buildup and needing to be replaced. This was the fourth time the same infraction was noted.

Although all food items were at safe temperatures, mold and moisture was found inside the walk-in cooler on the ceiling and walls.

Mold also was found on an ice scoop used to fill drink orders for the drive-thru.

Additional critical violations noted were all surfaces in the restaurant needed deep cleaning, and several areas were unsanitary. This was the third violation for both of these items.

Restaurant owners were directed to repair or remove from the restaurant several pieces of equipment still not functioning properly, including a broken and leaking warmer and pressure fryer.

The remaining infractions were a mixture of cleaning and maintenance issues, some in the food storage and preparation areas and others in the customer dining areas, which included:

• Condiment holder full of debris at customer counter.

• Both soda fountains need to be sanitized due to syrup buildup.

• Stains and cobwebs above drive-thru monitor.

• Boxes of napkins stored directly on floor.

• Cleaning and wall repair required behind tea urns.

• Office area cluttered and unsanitary with food and trash on the floor.

• Floors under dry shelves next to and under ice machine are very unsanitary.

• Need to deep clean under all shelving at counter and under all front line equipment.

• Ceiling vents in both bathrooms are not functioning.

Many of these same items were found when the restaurant was inspected March 2, but not fixed before the March 9 inspection.

Although the restaurant has a history of infractions, the most recent violations were brought to light after the Washington fire department responded to a call at the restaurant on Feb. 8.

At that time, Fire Chief Bill Halmich observed the unsanitary conditions and contacted the health department, which subsequently worked with the restaurant for a month before finally closing it due to repeated noncompliance.

According to the city of Washington, the business license for the KFC was issued to Ampex Brands of St. Louis 2, Inc., which has a mailing address in Cleveland, Ohio. The same company is listed as operating the KFC in Pacific and Sullivan.